Why do 40% of businesses not switch energy supplier?

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Running a business is a full time occupation; you’re dealing with customers, suppliers, staff and other problems 24/7. You have your priorities and business energy costs are not always top of the list

Recent stats from Ofgem tell us that 40% of businesses haven't switched energy supplier in the past five years. That means more than one-third are probably paying much more than they should be for their utilities.

Talk to businesses and they’ll give you a few typical reasons:

1. “I’m in a contract.”

That’s a good reason; it’s expensive to break a contract. But you can check the market to make sure you get the best deal when your contract is up.

2. “It’s way too much hassle.”

Yep, that’s definitely been the case. You deal with brokers, they cold call you and you’re not sure you can trust them. You try and search around and you have the wrong type of meter, or too many meters. Even a simple switch can take ages. Wouldn’t it be great if this was made painless?

3. “My supply will be interrupted and I’ll lose a fortune.”

This never happens. Your utilities come through the same wires and pipes.

4. “I’m happy with my supplier, I’ve been with them for years.”

Utility companies are not famous for rewarding loyalty. Check and make sure you’re being fairly charged.

5 .“I have a great deal.”

Congratulations! You clearly used EnergyBillKill.

Switching energy supplier in Bristol

Too many small businesses don’t switch energy suppliers and overpay for their gas and electricity. Here at EnergyKillBill, our app makes it incredibly easy.

We’ll need some basic info, address, electricity or gas usage from your bill. We’ll then present you with a list of alternatives and, if you see a deal you like, for most, you can complete the switch there and then using the App.

Case study: £1,400 saved

We recently helped a business that had annual energy bills of just over £5000. We saved them £1400 per year (27%).

The owners had no idea how much they were overpaying, and they thought the switching process would take too much time and involve too much risk, relative to expected benefits.

Using copies of their bills and a letter of authority, we got them a selection of quotes. They chose the one that suited them and we did all the paperwork. It was a painless switch, which took a few minutes of their time, and saved thousands.

The owners asked us, will we remind them next year, when their renewal is due. Absolutely, we want our users to stay on the best deal every year.

So that’s it. A few minutes’ works could save you thousands. You up for that? Call EnergyKillBill on 0333 050 8419 today and speak to Aidan or Michael.

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