What is the Average Commission Energy Comparison Sites Make?

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Businesses have always been dealing with energy ventures, especially with increasing energy rates. One solution that businesses have found to counter the said problem is to switch energy suppliers. 

There are over sixty-five energy suppliers in the United Kingdom. If you want to save money, you need to move to a different deal that is most favourable to your business. It is a complicated process since there are a lot of options to choose from; each company can have at least three or four different tariffs. For this reason, this is where energy comparison websites come into the picture. 

How do these energy comparison websites work?

Compared to other competitive industries, knowing and comparing the various prices for enlisting energy as a service is crucial. This is because most rival energy suppliers are usually identical. Despite the supplier you have, you’ll get the same gas and electricity through the same pipes and cables. The only thing that really differentiates these companies from each other is the price.  

You might think for energy ventures, energy comparison sites are simple services. However, there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes. For instance, each comparison website works from a database. This database includes all the information regarding the suppliers and their tariffs. They also contain constant updates regarding new tariffs whenever they become available.

The updates can become complex since the data will include every detail about each tariff in each region and information about the payment and meter type. If you are an end-user, you’ll find that searching for the cheapest tariff would be fairly simple. You just need to input your information, and an algorithm will put together a list of all the tariffs available to the price stated. 

How much do energy comparison sites make?

One perk of energy comparison sites is that consumers can use them for free. This is because these sites make most of their money from commissions from different energy suppliers. They earn money whenever a customer avails of a switch on the comparison site. Thus, the more visits an energy comparison site has, the more it can convert many consumers into switches. It also results in earning more income. 

Most energy comparison sites try to keep the amount of commissions they receive confidential. But a good deal of news has stated that five of the biggest energy comparison sites earn at least £30 per fuel per customer. This is the general rule for most sites. But, keep in mind that for your energy ventures there are also small or new energy providers that don’t pay commission. These are the suppliers that usually offer the cheapest deals on the market. They are still part of the list on the price comparison sites, but you must start the switch by contacting the supplier directly. 

Other methods for energy comparison sites to gain income revolves around advertising and sponsored listings. These will help these sites gain more popularity and attract more customers.

Switching with EnergyBillKill

Energy comparison sites are doing an outstanding job in helping people compare prices. As a result, many people have saved significant amounts of money. Switching has become a lot easier, and businesses have found the best deals. That’s why this is the time for you to check out how to switch energy suppliers with EnergyBillKill. We give our customers the right energy deals and give them comparable quotes that are transparent and credible. We’ve always been honest and open with our services and have strived to gain our customers’ trust. Energy as a service for us is all about offering a convenient method and process for better energy ventures. You can compare prices on our website or download our app. It’s available for both Android and iOS users.

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