We focus below on the typical bill as presented by British Gas in the public domain for illustrative purposes. A typical British Gas business energy bill will have several double sided pages. The cover page usually has summary information about your business and charges. Subsequent pages have information about your business energy consumption and rates.

1. Your Energy Meter Site Details-

This part of the bill has: (a) information about your energy meter address; (b) Is this a Gas or Electricity bill; (c) The Billing Period


When you are switching Energy providers the above information is really important. Other energy companies want to know your business meter address (sometimes it is different from your registered business address). Energy companies also want to know how much energy you consume. – this can be per month, per quarter or per year. In this British Gas example, the period is for 16 days only. We will show below how you calculate your monthly, quarterly and annual consumption using the above information.


8. Your British Gas energy usage

 This part of the bill shows your energy usage in Kilowatt hours (Kw hours). You can see the usage column next to the green box with No. 8 in the box. Next to this column are the rates that you are paying. If you look at No. 7 Estimated Readings, you will note that businesses pay different Weekday & Night usage charges.

We use the example from British Gas to help you figure out your monthly, quarterly and annual business energy consumption. This information is very handy when comparing and switching business energy and finding the best price in the market for your business energy needs.

In this example to figure out how much energy you are using you need to ADD all the numbers in the column next to the No. 8 box- Your energy usage.

As you recall from the bill’s first page the billing period for this bill is 16 days. On the second page, British Gas shows energy consumption using several meter readings during the billing period. On other bills they may show a summary for the period.


To get the total energy consumed for the 16 day period we need to add all the numbers together. 24+17+70+34+30+18 = 166 Kw hours.


To get a monthly consumption you can approximate by multiplying the above number x 2. You will get 332 Kw hours per month.


If you want to figure out your quarterly consumption you will multiple the above number x 3 = 332 * 3 = 996 Kw hours per quarter.


If you want to figure out your yearly consumption you can multiple the above number, 996 Kw hours * 12 = 11,952 Kw hour consumptions per year

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The main point of information is how much energy the business is using and whether the business has one or several energy meters. The example below is for a small business with a single meter. Typically the bill will consist of several pages (often double side printed).