The ‘Other’ Benefits to Making Your Business Energy Efficient

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Slashing your carbon footprint saves the planet… yada yada, blahdy-blah. 

You’ve heard it all before and there’s no missing the constant diatribe about climate change from the media. They’re all over it. 

You might be sick of it. Or not. 

In any case, climate change, carbon emissions, green living – these things are important to people, and probably to your customers and stakeholders. 

When you take a step back to think about it, being ‘energy-efficient’ as a business does more than just help the planet. 

There are several other benefits to having an energy-efficient business. We’ll take a closer look at these benefits below. 

Increase your market value 

Investors place value on businesses that are energy-efficient. 

Businesses with robust environmental policy and energy management plan are seen to be more valuable in today’s market. 

This is the result of a shift in attitude towards the environment and the inherent cost of environmental transformation. Businesses that invest early and get their ‘house in order’ (so to speak) will be valued higher by investors and buyers. 

Participating in energy efficiency measures (such as renewable energy projects, switching to renewable energy, etc.) says a lot about your business. 

If you show a caring attitude for the environment in your business, it’s a good sign you have taken care of the rest of your business. 

Improve the brand image of your business

Attitudes towards the environment are changing.

We have seen a marked shift in the last 12-months in businesses switching to 100% renewable energy from traditional energy.

You can bet an arm and leg consumers and businesses in other industries are choosing who they buy and do business with based on how ‘green’ a company is too.  

We conducted a study earlier this year to find out why businesses are reluctant to switch energy. We also asked another question: 

Will businesses still give business to non-green suppliers in the next 10 years?

A staggering 70% of businesses said that businesses will not switch to ‘non-green’ suppliers in the next 10 years, and 42% believe this behaviour could happen in the next 5 years (sure, this relates to the energy sector, but it sets precedence). 

Improve the performance and health of your team

This improvement relates to the energy efficiency changes you make within your business that can have a positive effect on the health of your team. 

Here are some examples:

  • Smart thermostats – to keep people comfortable in winter 
  • Efficient air conditioners – to keep people comfortable in summer
  • Efficient dehumidifiers – if you have a problem with damp or humidity 
  • Electric vehicle chargers – so people can drive straight to work and charge there
  • Light bulbs with a red tint – to reduce eye strain from blue light 
  • Light dimmers – so staff can create a suitable environment 
  • Better ventilation – to reduce the need for air purifiers and conditioners 

Some of these are direct improvements, others are indirect – but you get the point: that small changes related to energy-efficiency and being green can also have a positive impact on the people who work for you. 

Little changes go a long way with energy efficiency. Another great way to reduce your carbon footprint is by switching to renewable energy. It only takes 60 seconds to get quotes with EnergyBillKill. Get started and give it a try. 

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