Business energy prices have risen substantially. A number of energy suppliers have tried to merge and become even bigger. One such example is SSE Energy. They recently tried to merge with nPower. However, this did not work out.

This can be good news for competition between firms. The Competition Markets Authority did not see problems with the merger, fewer suppliers can lead to higher prices.

nPower and SSE energy are 2 of the Big 6 energy providers in the market. This merger would have reduced Big 6 to Big 5, potentially further increasing prices for end users.

According to Utility Week, SSE Energy Services (which includes business energy) is still trying to figure out what to do with their business. You can read the Utility Week article on SSE energy to learn more.


What can you do to beat rising energy costs?

In the meantime, energy prices continue to go up. As most businesses know, the deals today are nowhere near the cost a few years ago.

At EnergyBillKill we recommend that businesses check their business gas electricity prices regularly. Most businesses have fixed-term contracts. A good time to check is just a few weeks before your contract is due to expire.

You can easily check prices with the EnergyBillKill app.