The launderette industry has faced steep price rises. Energy prices are up 80%+ since 2015.  We recently published an energy price saving guide for The National Association of the Launderette Industry. Check it out!

Can I save money on energy costs?

– Aidan Brady, Co-founder EnergyBillKill


Everyone should ask themselves this question. When you’re running a laundry, it’s probably pretty close to the top of the list.

With wholesale energy prices up around 80% since 2015, you bills are likely to get more painful, so what should you do?

I ran the cost committee for a global bank. You save money by doing 4 things – 3 are relatively easy: eliminate waste, become more efficient and shop around for the best price. One is difficult – be disciplined. You have to ask the question often and not assume the answer will stay the same.

The starting point in discipline is just asking the question. Here is a list of thing you could do, you probably know them, but if I remind you to do one thing, you will save money.


Eliminate Waste

Turn stuff off. If you’re not in a particular room, don’t light it up. Tell staff, put up signs. Use lighting controls like occupancy sensors. Fit timers on outdoors signage. Save 25% on your energy use.

Turn things down to their lowest levels. Use a programmable thermostat and save up to 10% in energy costs. Install ceiling fans. And seal gaps around doors and windows.

Install controls on your boilers, such as vent dampers that close off a vent, when it isn’t firing. Fit a timer that allows sequencing according to variations in the heating load. And fit variable-speed drives on boiler fans.


Be more efficient – Maintain

Maintain your equipment properly to increase its efficiency and extend its life.

Have your boiler’s piping, joints, drain valves and flexible hoses inspected regularly. Repair leaking steam traps and insulate pipework to save up to 30% on energy costs.

Seal refrigerant leaks on your chillers and set the correct temperature setpoints. Check your compressed-air system for hose and valve leaks. Regularly clean intake vents, air filters and heat exchangers. Fix leaks in compressed-air lines with an ultrasonic leak detector.

If you have a steam trap with a valve stuck open for half a year, you’re looking at thousands of pounds in fuel costs. Again, the ultrasonic leak detector is your friend here.


Be more efficient – replace and update

Replace outdated equipment, especially machines that are more than a decade old.

Look at alternative fabric-cleaning technologies. Clean and disinfect in cold water with ozone-based equipment, so you don’t heat with gas. Consider polymer beads. Think about commercial wet-cleaning systems which use 20% less electricity and around 15% less natural gas than PCE machines.


Shop around for the best energy prices

The energy market is complex. Prices vary by post code and usage. Not every supplier supplies everywhere and each will have their own mix of standing charges and price per Kilowatt Hour. If you have a half hourly meter, you need to get half hourly usage from your current supplier to get a quote.

Brokers can help you navigate the market. But they set their own margin, which can be as much as 3p per kilowatt hour, up to 20% of your total bill!

My suggestion; ask at least 2 brokers and make sure they tell you what commission they are making. Check with your existing supplier, they may have a competitive rate, especially if they think you are looking around. See if you can get a better rate directly.


About us

We set up EnergyBillKIll because we know businesses are constantly hit with unfair bills and hidden charges. We see the opportunity to change. We are business only. You can check for different quotes, fill in some details and complete the contract process. We aim to have the most painless process and lowest broker fees, and we are not embarrassed to tell you how much we get paid. We do not cold, only ask for the information we need to help you switch and do not sell your data. Feel free to send us a message for more details.