10 things you can do with money saved by switching supplier

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Save thousands of pounds switching business energy

Recent estimates suggest that if a small business never switches its energy supplier, it could be overpaying by as much as £1,000 per year. That’s £1,000 that could be invested back into the business which, we think everyone will agree, is a far better way to use that hard-earned cash. But what does that actually translate to? We often find that it’s hard to put this kind of thing in perspective, so we’ve done the sums and calculated exactly what you could afford if you switched energy suppliers and whittled down your energy bill.

11 office desks and chairs

Perfect for accommodating your booming workforce

Three new desktop computers

Because no one wants the ancient one that’s been in the corner since the 90’s

Office printer and scanner, plus 200 packs of printing paper

Putting an end to the horror when you realise you’re out of paper just when you need it most

3,330 business cards

Think of that as more than 3,000 potential new business leads in the palm of your hand

Over two years (28 months) Nespresso subscription, including state-of-the-art coffee machine and 100 coffee capsules a month

Making those early starts and late nights much more bearable

40 bottles of champagne for the Christmas party

To make sure it’s a very Merry Christmas

Social media advertising

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest… utilise these platforms to promote your business and raise the profile of your brand

14 full tanks of petrol

Fuelling your business ambition, quite literally

Two years of internet connectivity

To ensure that you’re connected 24/7 (even if, at times, you could use a break!)

33 hours of an accountant’s time

To help you make sure everything’s in order and give you that piece of mind that we all crave

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