Guide to lowering franchise business energy costs

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Business electricity and gas costs can be quite expensive for franchise operators.  Here at we love helping businesses save on energy costs.

Franchise costs can vary significantly-  running into tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands pounds. For example, according to the NatWest BFA Franchise Survey 2015, the average total start-up cost for a hotel and catering franchise is typically around £107,000, whereas the average cost for a personal services franchise is just £42,000. has a fantastic article on the potential costs involved.

Energy is the third biggest cost for Franchises

Franchisor fees eat into your GROSS REVENUE – so controlling operational costs like business electricity and gas is absolutely critical. For example, for McDonalds UK, energy is the third biggest cost after food and staff. In the UK, a typical mall business will use 10,000 to 100,000 kWh of energy per year. The costs range from £5 – £50,000+.  Many very large franchisors will take care of your energy contracts. For example, McDonalds has a 7-year contract with Gazprom Energy for all of their sites in the UK.

If you are not part of a franchise that negotiates your business energy, then price monitoring and switching is very important to keep your bottom line healthy. Franchise businesses have been the bedrock of the American and British economy for many generations. If you would like to see how it all started check out this great film, The Founder. It tells the story of Ray Kroc- the founder of McDonalds’ franchise business.

Switching with EnergyBillKill

At EnergyBillKill we connect you directly to energy companies. We don’t charge crazy broker fees. We hate cold calling. You don’t have to disclose your personal information unless you want to switch. Most businesses can switch in less than 10 minutes. For larger businesses, we can get quotes directly against your energy usage. Just go to EnergyBillKill Switch and lets start saving!

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