Switching your business energy can save you a bundle of cash, but not all energy deals (and comparison services) are created equal.

You could overpay by as much as 10%-20%+ on your business energy if you don’t know the hidden fees and commissions sitting inside your prices.

In this guide, we will explore two popular comparison services – LoveEnergySavings and EnergyBillKill – to help you decide which is best for you. Both services can help you switch, but for cash savings, we believe there’s only one winner…


Lowering the cost of business operational costs

Many businesses are looking to lower the cost of business gas and electricity. Covid-19 and the lock-down are forcing every business to evaluate its operations. Revenues are down for most businesses while operational costs remain high. Offices have been closed, stores have been shut and employees have been staying at home. Yet, phone, energy, insurance, salaries and other costs must be paid.


Lowering the cost of business gas and electricity

Business gas and electricity costs savings can be the quickest way to lower business operational expenses. Until recently, most businesses had to use energy brokers to switch their providers or spend a lot of time online searching energy company websites or just calling around. All of the above is time-consuming and requires filling out lots of forms. Also, energy brokers charge hidden fees. These fees hide inside energy bills. High energy broker fees are an unnecessary expense that many UK businesses pay without knowing it.


Only 50% of UK businesses switch business electricity and gas providers

No wonder that more than 50% of UK businesses never switch providers. Energy prices are at historic lows. UK small and mediums sized businesses spend around £6 billion per year on energy. Just a 10 per cent saving would save £600 million per year for UK SMEs.


Switching business gas and electricity online

Until recently, there have been very few on-line business energy switching sites. While householders benefited from various on-line switching services, businesses had nowhere to turn.

Today, businesses may find a couple of on-line business energy switching sites. However, many are simply data collection websites. They require the visitor to provide their contact details and more often or not a business will end up receiving a phone call from a broker.

We started EnergyBillKIll.com to simplify business energy switching and bring the lowest prices to businesses. We make business energy very simple and transparent:

  • The lowest prices in the market
  • The lowest transparent fees in the market
  • Prices in 20-30 seconds.
  • Switching in less than 60 seconds.
  • Minimal data collection- only what is needed to get you the price

As a start-up, we are often asked how we compare with LoveEnergySavings. First, let us say that we respect LoveEnergySavings as a leading innovator in the business energy switching market.

We would like to highlight some differences with EnergyBillKill.com that may be helpful when you consider the best online service for business gas and electricity switching.


LoveEnergySavings and EnergyBillKill – what is similar?

  • LoveEnergySavings & EnergyBillKill provide fast online business electricity & gas quotes
  • LoveEnergySavings & EnergyBillKill provide easy on-line switching
  • LoveEnergySavings & EnergyBillKill provide customer support


LoveEnergySavings switching & broker charges are not clearly stated

  • It is not clear exactly what fees LoveEnergySavings charges for their switching services
  • The charges are hidden in your energy bills
  • What we understand from the market, is that LoveEnergySavings’ prices tend to be £ 100+ higher than EnergyBillKill.com. This may be due to much higher switching fees.


EnergyBillKill.com has very low and transparent fees

  • EnergyBillKill.com charges very low and transparent fees. You can read about our fees here.
  • Our fees start at £0.001 per kWh and never rise above £0.002 per kWh


LoveEnergySavings requires a lot of personal information

  • When you come to LoveEnergySavings.com you are asked to input your postcode.
  • After you input your postcode, you are then asked to provide personal information, including contact details, to get the actual quote from the website


EnergyBillKill.com does not require a lot of personal information

  • When you come to EnergyBillKill.com we only ask you the minimal information required to get you the lowest possible quote
  • We do not ask your email or phone number. We do not ask for the name of your business.
  • After you see the quotes, and if you want them emailed to yourself, we ask you for your contact details, but only if that is something that you would like to do.


LoveEnergySavings provides quotes based on your estimated spend – the estimates are not based on your actual costs per kWh

  • Energy companies quote based on how much electricity or gas a business uses in kWh (kilowatt-hours).
  • LoveEnergySavings gives you the first quotes based on how much you spend.
  • To estimate your energy use in kWh, LoveEnergySavings makes assumptions about your current energy costs (pence per kWh).
  • If LoveEnergySavings assumes your current energy costs are high, then they can show you bigger savings.
  • If LoveEnergySavings assumes that your current energy costs are low, then your estimated savings will be lower.
  • To understand LoveEnergySavings assumptions, you will need to explore further after you receive the quotes.


EnergyBillKill.com quotes prices based on your business gas or electricity use

  • We provide quotes based on your actual consumption. We prefer not to estimate your use.
  • At the same time, we realise that you may not know how much energy you are using.
  • To help you, we provide a handy calculator that can help you estimate your consumption before you check the prices.
  • Our calculator is very transparent on its assumptions and we strongly encourage businesses to know how much actual energy they use.
  • Our calculator uses current average business electricity & gas prices to estimate (£120.00 and £25.00 per 1,000 kWh for business electricity and gas, respectively).


LoveEnergySavings places sponsored business energy deals at the top of your search results

  • LoveEnergySavings places advertisements and sponsored energy company links at the top of their search results.
  • This may inadvertently lead to clicking the sponsored link rather than the lowest price that LoveEnergySavings finds for your business


EnergyBillKill.com shows the lowest possible business electricity and business gas for your business

  • We do not show sponsored ad listings above our lowest quotes
  • What you see in the results are the lowest possible quotes that we can find


EnergyBillKill.com recommendation

We have a very simple view of business gas and electricity prices. If you would like to find the lowest business gas and electricity costs, then shopping around is a good thing. We encourage businesses to look at several sites and compare.

In the review, we highlighted LoveEnergySavings and compared similarities and differences with EnergyBillKill.com.

We believe that LoveEnergySavings has gotten many things right and their website is very easy to use. At the same time, we believe that we may have lower prices than LoveEnergySavings. The ultimate judges are the businesses that seek to lower their operational costs.