Is there a Business Dual Fuel Tariff?

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One of the many energy solutions in the UK tthe dual fuel tariff. Unfortunately, dual fuel tariffs only apply to domestic energy and not business energy. 

What is a business dual energy tariff?

A dual fuel business energy tariff does not exist. Instead, you must find better energy deals from business energy suppliers. Thus, it is better to get a dual fuel tariff for domestic energy. With business energy, there really is no benefit in having both of your sources from the same supplier.

If you are planning to have a dual fuel tariff, choose domestic energy. It has its own advantages for the domestic consumer.

What does dual fuel mean?

The definition of a dual fuel tariff is simple. It’s a tariff where you get both your electricity and gas from the same supplier and contract. Energy suppliers often persuade consumers to get this tariff. They earn income by encouraging you to take their electricity and gas.

What are the advantages of a dual fuel tariff?

There are several benefits that a dual fuel tariff may offer you. As you are looking for favourable energy solutions in the UK, you might switch to this plan.

Dual fuel tariffs offer convenience. 

Most consumers seek a dual fuel plan because it makes the entire process easier. By getting both your electricity and gas from one supplier, you’ll be able to manage and control your energy account. You’ll have one energy bill, one direct debit and one point of contact. With a dual fuel tariff, you’ll have everything. If you have any concerns, you also have only one company to ask or inform. Thus, this saves you more time as a consumer.

There’s more flexibility in dual fuel tariffs.

One of the many problems for domestic and commercial consumers is switching energy suppliers. It is tiring and tedious. With dual fuel tariffs, you’ll be able to move suppliers quickly. This is because you only have one provider for your energy sources. This makes it easier to switch bank accounts, move premises or suppliers, and more.

There are discounts on dual fuel tariffs.

Many energy companies provide discounts for customers when they buy both their forms of fuel from them. This is the reason that it is also such a convenient energy solution in the UK. Consumers get to find a quick and simple way to cut back on their combined cost of electricity and gas bills. Discounts can also take the form of cashback or percentage taken off the bill, a cheaper unit rate per kilowatt hour or a lower standing charge.

How can you switch energy providers ?

If after looking at your energy audit, you’re considering switching to a better business energy deal or a dual fuel tariff, get help from EnergyBillKill. Switching is easy and not that complex at all. All you need to do is to run an energy comparison through our website or our app. You can download it at the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.

There is no difference between running a normal energy comparison and a dual fuel comparison. So, if you want to find the cheapest energy deals on the market, get our help, and we’ll do the rest. There are no complicated paperwork involved. We will be the one who will contact your energy supplier. You also don’t have to worry about the switching process since it won’t disrupt your energy supply. Come check out our services today and find affordable energy prices, be it dual fuel deals or otherwise.

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