How does Switching Business Energy Suppliers Work?

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For many businesses these days, choosing the right energy solutions has always been a laborious task. This is especially crucial when switching business energy suppliers. The process is long and tedious. These businesses might even have a hard time choosing affordable rates and prices. It’s because they rarely have the comparable quotes they need.

There are ways to make switching easier. You can determine the factors to consider for a supplier. The next thing is to understand how the switching process works.

What should you consider when selecting a new business energy supplier?

You can take into account a lot of factors when deciding which supplier is the best choice. The top priority might be the price and the savings, but you also need to consider:

Payment Methods

If your company pays bills by direct debit, there are discounts available. You must first be qualified to avail of these promos. Usually, there are stipulations in the energy contract regarding monthly payments before you get the discounts. If you don’t have a bank account, you can opt to choose other payment methods available.


You should check out the special offers and advantages that energy companies will provide for switching. Remember to compute the amount of savings they will bring. When you choose a particular energy company, note the amount you’ll be paying in the long run.

Customer service

Energy management is not an easy feat. That is why picking an energy company with excellent customer service should be one factor to consider when choosing. You’ll easily speak to them when something goes wrong, and they’ll handle the problem as speedily as possible.

Thus, consider these factors when choosing. The next part would be to learn how the energy switching process works.

How should you switch business energy suppliers?

#1 You must compare energy tariffs. If you want to find suitable energy solutions, you will need to check out various suppliers. You must answer questions about your property and how much your energy consumption is. EnergyBillKill’s app will make the process more convenient. By downloading our app, you’ll be able to have access to reliable and affordable energy suppliers. These suppliers can give you the comparable quotes you need in a matter of minutes. For Android users, you can download our app here, and for iOS users, you can download it here.

#2 After getting a list of tariffs from energy companies, the next step is to pick the price. The price must be appropriate for you. You can sort the companies in order of how much you can save by switching.

#3 Choose your preferred energy company. After this, your new provider will set up your account and contact your existing provider. The new providers will be the ones who'll help make the switch for you. You might also need to provide them with a meter reading of your last bill. 

#4 Your new energy provider will be responsible for the switch. The process will take no longer than 21 days. If you’ve chosen a supplier that’s under the Energy Switch Guarantee, you’ll get switched within the said period. This period will also include the statutory 14-day cooling-off period in case you change your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an interruption to my energy supply when I make a switch?

There will be no interruptions. The new supplier will use the same pipes, wires, and meters you are using. They will be the ones to get in touch with your existing supplier for transferring your supply.

What should I do about my current direct debit?

You need to cancel your direct debit with your existing supplier after you paid the last bill. Your existing supplier will confirm the process for this, so you won’t need to stress about this.

Will my existing supplier be able to stop me from switching?

They cannot stop you unless you are still in debt with your existing supplier. They will object if they billed you, and you failed to pay for over 28 days.Keep all the information above in mind if you are planning to make the switch. Find the energy solutions for your business with EnergyBillKill! We pride ourselves on giving all of our clients some of the best services for their switch. To know how our process works, you can check it out here.

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