Scottish Power Business Energy Profile: Tariffs & Reviews

Scottish Power is the fifth largest gas and electricity supplier in the United Kingdom with approximately 5.2 million customers. They serve micro, small, medium and large businesses, with over 80,000 non-domestic customers. 

The company was founded in 1990 and is a subsidiary of Iberdrola, a Spanish utility company. Not only do Scottish Power supply energy, they also generate their own electricity, generating 100% of their electricity from wind farms. They also feed the surplus back into the grid for reuse by other suppliers. 

This is unique to Scottish Power. Most suppliers buy green electricity certificates to offset their carbon emissions. Scottish Power generates its own green electricity, making them the greenest of the big 6 energy suppliers by this measurement. 

Key features:

  • Energy supplied can be 100% renewable 
  • Small, medium and large business tariffs 
  • Contract lengths from 1, 2 or 3 years 
  • Variable tariffs also available 
  • Dedicated business energy customer service


Scottish Power Core Services 

Scottish Power Core Services

Scottish Power’s core services are gas and electric supply which they serve to micro, small, medium and large businesses on fixed and variable energy plans. 

Scottish Power also offer the following additional energy solutions:

  • Energy analysis – to help businesses understand how they use energy 
  • Energy surveys – to help businesses with energy saving 

Scottish Power is also an energy generator with wind farms. Their biggest wind farm, Whitlee, is an on-shore wind farm covering over 21 sq miles. It has 215 turbines, generating over 45,000MW of electricity each year and they have several more like this. 

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Scottish Power Business Electricity and Gas: Tariffs & Rates

Business Fixed

Scottish Power’s Business Fixed energy plan lets you fix your price for 1, 2 or 3 years and get expert energy advice from Scottish Power’s experts. Businesses on this plan can opt to have a smart meter installed at no additional cost. 

  • Fixed rate for 1, 2 or 3 years
  • Free energy advice for all businesses


Standard Fixed 

Scottish Power’s Standard Fixed energy plan is for business customers who don’t terminate or renew their contract at the end of the term. The price is fixed for 1 year and you can move to a fixed energy plan at any time with no fees. 

  • Fixed rate for one year
  • No exit fees
  • You can switch to a new product at any time


Standard Variable 

Scottish Power’s Standard Variable energy plan can go up and down in price at any time and prices are typically higher than fixed products. You may be moved onto this plan if you don’t terminate or renew an old variable contract. 

  • Variable rate – prices can go up or down 
  • No exit fees
  • You can switch to a new product at any time


Electricity Flexible

For the largest businesses expected to consume 10GWh or more, you can buy blocks of energy against the wholesale market price with Electricity Flexible. This is an exclusive deal you won’t find with most other suppliers. 

  • Buy blocks of energy against the wholesale price
  • Ideal for high energy usage 
  • Only suitable for those who consume 10GWh or more a year


Scottish Power Deemed Rates 

You will be moved onto deemed rates with Scottish Power if you move into new premises and there is an existing supply from Scottish Power, or if you become responsible for a property that has an energy supply from Scottish Power. 

Deemed rates are variable and are as follows:

Electricity deemed rates

Scottish Power’s electricity deemed rates for small businesses can be found here

Scottish Power’s electricity deemed rates for commercial non-half hourly customers can be found here. If you are a half-hourly customer, the deemed rate is 19 pence per kWh (please see the previous link to view the table).  

Gas deemed rates 

Scottish Power’s electricity deemed rates for small businesses can be found here

If you find yourself on deemed rates, you should switch as soon as possible. Deemed rates can be up to 40% more expensive than contracted rates. 

Scottish Power Fuel Mix 

As of 2020, Scottish Power is offering tariffs where 100% of the electricity comes from wind power, and they generate this electricity themselves rather than relying on energy certificates to offset their emissions. This makes them a green choice.  

For 2018-2019, their fuel mix was as follows: 

  • Coal – 5%
  • Gas – 52%
  • Nuclear – 11%
  • Renewable sources – 30%
  • Other Fuels – 2%


And their environmental impact was as follows:

  • CO2 emissions – 251g per kWh
  • Radioactive waste – 0.0008g per kWh


Note, however, that they also offer tariffs where they generate 100% of their electricity from wind. Not all their business energy products offer this, so it’s important you choose a green energy plan if that’s important to you. 

Want to compare fuel mixes? Head over to our fuel mix comparison page

Pros and Cons of Switching to Scottish Power


  • They’re a well-established company with over 80,000 non-domestic customers 
  • They’re the fifth largest energy supplier in the UK energy market  
  • UK-based business customer service team
  • 100% green electricity available
  • You can fix your business energy tariffs for 1, 2 or 3 years
  • You can choose a fixed or variable tariff
  • You can manage and control your account online
  • Business energy products for micro, small, medium and large businesses


  • Negative customer reviews overall 
  • Complaints handling not among the best

Scottish Power Reviews

Scottish Power is rated poor among customer reviews online. 

Here’s a breakdown of their ratings across different review platforms:

  • Trustpilot – they have a 1.1/5 star rating based on over 5,000 reviews
  • Review Centre – they have a 1.2/5 star rating based on over 400 reviews 

Scottish Power has also been compared to other suppliers for complaints handling:

  • Citizens Advice – Scottish Power was ranked 11th in a table of 16 ranking non-domestic energy suppliers for complaints handling. 

How these ratings compare 

In terms of reviews published online, Scottish Power isn’t the best-reviewed supplier, but they aren’t the worst in the energy market either.  

If we combine the review rating systems of Trustpilot and Review Centre, they achieve a 2.3 out of 10 rating among customers overall. 

However, it’s important to bear in mind that unhappy customers are more inclined to leave a review than happy customers. 

In terms of complaints handling, the Citizens Advice data reveals Scottish Power handles complaints better than Gazprom, Npower, Utilita and Corona, but not as well as British Gas, SSE, EDF or Opus Energy. E.ON is ranked as the best. 

Scottish Power Contact Information & Tools 

Scottish Power phone numbers

  • Customer Service – 0800 027 0072
    *Open 8:30am to 6pm – Monday to Friday
  • Smart meters – 0800 027 0072
    *Open 8:30am to 6pm – Monday to Friday
  • Automated meter readings – 0800 027 8000
    *Open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Complaints – 0800 074 1985
    *Open 8:30am to 6pm – Monday to Friday
  • Microbusiness complaints – 0800 074 0739
    *Open 9:00am to 4:45pm – Monday to Friday
  • Commercial energy – 0800 074 0052
    *Open 8:30am to 6pm – Monday to Friday

Note – Calls to 0800 numbers are free from a mobile or landline. 

Scottish Power Email Addresses

Making a complaint with Scottish Power 

Details about making a complaint can be found here

Further guidance for making a complaint can be found on Ofgem here

Scottish Power Customer Service Address

Scottish Power have the same address for business customer service enquiries and complaints. If you wish to write to customer services, write to:

Scottish Power,
Customer Services,
Freepost SCO5388,
320 St Vincent Street,
Glasgow G2 5AD

Managing Your Scottish Power Account

To help you manage and control your business energy, Scottish Power have created an easy to use online account management platform and app that lets you manage your account and your energy. From here, you can also submit a bill and meter reading. 

Paying Your Scottish Power Bills 

You can pay for your energy in several ways:

The easiest way to pay your Scottish Power bill one off is by logging into your online account, adding a card and making a payment by card. Otherwise, if you are on a monthly plan, setting up a Direct Debit is the best way. 

Scottish Power Energy Guides 

You can find a good variety of Scottish Power energy guides here

We have also published a guide to understanding Scottish Power business energy bills

We have also published a guide to understanding British Gas energy bills

Scottish Power Change of Tenancy Form

Details about completing a Change of Tenancy with Scottish Power can be found here

There are two ways to complete the form:

  1. You can complete a change of tenancy from within your online account, or by calling Scottish Power on 0800 074 0052. 
  2. You can download or print the Change of Tenancy form from here and then email or post it to Scottish Power.

Scottish Power in the News

Scottish Power to upgrade Scotland’s biggest wind farm and build a new one

Source: BBC News 

May 2020: Scottish Power is planning to upgrade Scotland’s first commercial wind farm at Hagshaw Hill, replacing 26 old turbines with 14 more efficient ones. They are also building a new wind farm that will produce 165MW of electricity a year. 

Scottish Power launches 100% renewable energy tariff

Source: The Guardian 

Scottish Power has launched its first ever 100% renewable electricity tariff, with all electricity supplied through it generated from their own wind farms. This makes it unique in that it does not rely on renewable electricity certificates to be green. 

Switching to Scottish Power  

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