Green Network Energy Business Energy Profile: Tariffs & Reviews

Green Network Energy is one of the UK’s fastest-growing independent energy suppliers. They serve micro, small and medium-sized businesses with gas and electricity, with 100% renewable electricity and gas available. 

They are an Italian company, founded in 2003 by entrepreneurs Piero Saulli and Sabrina Corbo. Their move into the UK market was in response to Ofgem’s investigative action into competition in the energy market, which was dominated by the big 6. 

Green Network Energy wanted to shake things up with a customer-orientated, ethical alternative to the big 6. They are a small supplier compared to the likes of EDF and E.ON, but this makes their service more personal. Their prices are competitive, and they also do a Smart Export Guarantee tariff for businesses. 

Key features:

  • 100% green electricity and gas
  • For micro, small and medium businesses
  • Contract lengths from 1 or 2 years
  • Fixed and variable tariffs
  • Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) available 

Green Network Energy Core Services

Green Network Energy supplies electricity and gas to micro-businesses and SMEs. The only limitation to becoming a customer is your annual consumption, with Green Network Energy only supplying businesses who consume up to 100,000 kWh a year. 

They offer a few different tariffs, including fixed and variable electricity and gas tariffs, with fixed tariffs fixable up to 2 years.

They also offer businesses a Smart Export Guarantee tariff, which pays a rate of 3.5p/kWh of electricity exported. 

The company is making strides towards being 100% green and currently offers 100% green electricity and gas to eligible businesses. Their traditional energy plans also source over 50% of electricity from renewable sources. 

Green Network Energy Business Gas and Electricity Tariffs & Rates

GNF Family Business Electricity 

The GNF Family Business Tariff is a fixed electricity tariff with unit rates as low as 13.110 p/kWh on 23.05.2020, however, rates vary depending on the length you fix it for. You can fix for 1 or 2 years with lower rates on 1-year tariffs. 

  • Competitive prices
  • Fix for 12 or 24 months

GNF Family Business Gas

The GNF Family Business Gas Tariff is a fixed gas tariff with unit rates as low as 2.881 p/kWh on 23.05.2020. You can fix gas tariffs for 12 or 24-months and the standing charge stays the same, although the unit rates vary. 

  • Competitive prices
  • Fix for 12 or 24 months 

Smart Export Guarantee 

Green Network Energy also offers a Smart Export Guarantee tariff, which pays a rate of 3.5p/kWh of electricity exported. Your total installed capacity cannot exceed 5mW and your installation has to be certified to MCS standards. 

  • Pays 3.5p/kWh of electricity exported
  • You can generate electricity from solar, hydro, heat, wind and anaerobic digestion

Green Network Energy Deemed Rates

You will pay deemed rates if you move into new premises and there is an existing energy supply from Green Network Energy. It means there is no contract in place, so your energy is priced at ‘deemed rates’ until you take out a contract.

Deemed rates are significantly more expensive than contract rates, so we recommend switching to a contract as soon as possible. 

Green Network Energy’s deemed rates are as follows:

Electricity deemed rates

  • Standing charge – 50p/day 
  • Unit rate – 20p/kWh

Gas deemed rates

  • Standing charge – 100 p/day 
  • Unit rate – 6p/kWh

You can find out more about Green Network Energy’s deemed rates here. Their deemed rates are competitive with the rest of the industry. 

Green Network Energy Fuel Mix 

For 2018-2019, their fuel mix was as follows: 

  • Coal – 4.5%
  • Gas – 30.9%
  • Nuclear – 9.3%
  • Renewable sources – 53.4%
  • Other Fuels – 1.9% 

And their environmental impact was as follows:

  • CO2 emissions – 208g per kWh
  • Radioactive waste – 0.0007g per kWh

Some micro and small businesses will also be eligible for 100% renewable electricity, where for every unit of electricity consumed by customers, Green Network Energy matches it with renewable electricity using REGOs

Want to compare fuel mixes? Head over to our fuel mix comparison page

Pros and Cons of Switching to Green Network Energy


  • Competitive prices
  • They serve micro, small and medium businesses
  • If you consume up to 100,000 kWh of electricity and 100,000 kWh of gas a year, you are eligible to be a customer
  • 100% green electricity available
  • Standard tariffs have over 50% renewables
  • You can fix your business energy tariffs for 1 or 2 years
  • You can manage and control your account online 


  • Not suitable for businesses who consume over 100,000 kWh a year
  • They don’t have the widest variety of tariffs

Green Network Energy Reviews

Green Network Energy is rated good to excellent among customer reviews online. 

The only review platform where they have a significant presence is Trustpilot, where they have a 4.2/5 star rating based on over 7,000 reviews. 

They also have over 500 reviews on Google, with a 2.7/5 score. 

How these ratings compare 

In terms of reviews published online, Green Network Energy has a positive reputation which is rarer than you’d think in the energy market. 

Their rating on Trustpilot is better than E.ON, British Gas, Opus Energy, SSE and Scottish Power, but not as good as Bulb Energy or EDF. 

Green Network Energy Contact Information & Tools 

Green Network Energy phone number

  • Customer service – 0800 520 02 02
    *Open Monday to Friday, 8 am – 6.30 pm

Green Network Energy email address

Making a complaint with Green Network Energy 

You can lodge a complaint by:

More information can be found here

Green Network Energy Customer Service Address

The complaints address for Green Network Energy is as follows:

Green Network Energy,
Po Box 2143,
CR90 9RZ 

The registered address for Green Network Energy is as follows:

3rd Floor,
Renaissance Building,
Dingwall Road

Managing Your Green Network Energy Account

When you take out an energy plan with Green Network Energy you will be asked to create an online account. You can log in to My Account here. You can see your energy consumption in your account, update your details and much more. 

Paying Your Green Network Energy Bills 

You can pay for your energy in several ways:

  • Direct Debit 
  • Fixed Direct Debit 
  • Variable Direct Debit
  • BACS payment 
  • Cheque 
  • Cash

The easiest way to pay your energy bills is with a Direct Debit. You can find out more about paying your Green Network Energy bills here

Green Network Energy Guides 

Green Network Energy has published a help centre to answer your questions and provide guidance on energy supply. Here are some links:

Green Network Energy Change of Tenancy Form

The dedicated pages for moving business can be found here:

And the forms can be found here:

You should email the completed form to

Switching to Green Network Energy 

Switching to Green Network Energy could save you a lot of money on your annual energy bills. The only thing to keep in mind is you can only become a customer if you consume no more than 100,000 kWh of electricity a year. 

The easiest way to get the best prices and switch is with EnergyBillKill. Head over to our website and enter your details. We’ll then provide quotes from several energy suppliers so you can choose a deal that works for you. 

Green Network Energy is a great choice for micro, small and medium businesses – and we can probably get you a better deal than going direct. 

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