A Buyer’s Guide to Dental Chairs

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Just as we humans come in all shapes and sizes, so do dental chairs.

Your search for the perfect dental chair for your practice has probably taken quite a few twists and turns already. It isn’t easy narrowing down your choices when so many chairs do the same things, only in slightly different ways.

To help you choose, here’s what to look for in a dental chair:

  • Comfort (ergonomics). The chair has to be comfortable for patients. This means good padding, adjustment and armrests. It also has to be ergonomic for the dentist. This means an adjustable height and good over access.
  • The easier to clean the better. Eco-leather (pleather, PU leather) is a popular option. You might also like to consider asepsis upholstery, which eliminates seams and creases for easier cleaning.
  • Functionality (controls). Most modern dental chairs are now electronic and have a control panel for making quick adjustments. It’s also useful for chairs to have a foot-operated control so the dentist can operate it hands-free.
  • Operatory configurations. While some dental chairs are standalone units, others have wide-ranging accessory support or come preconfigured with things like lights and mirrors. An all-in-one configuration could be a better fit for your dental practice if treatment rooms are small or if space is otherwise limited.

The best dental chairs

Now we’ve covered what to look for in a dental chair, here are some of the best options to consider, chosen based on what real dentists use.

A-dec 500

The A-dec 500 is an instrument-configurable dental chair with a precision hydraulic motor allowing smooth, quiet adjustments and stops and starts. It has a sting-ray shaped seatback to fully support the patient and adjustable armrests. There’s a 60° swivel with a brake, allowing 30° rotation on both sides. The chair is controlled via touchpad or foot switch and is reinforced to support up to 500 lb (227 kg).

Spirit 3300

The Spirit 3300 is Spirit’s top-end dental chair available in four key configurations (3301, 3302, 3303, 3304). 3301 has a traditional back, 3302 has the same back but with asepsis upholstery, 3303 has a narrow back, and 3304 has the same back as 3303 but with asepsis upholstery. It is controlled via a touchpad with pre-set positions, allowing you to quickly and easily adjust the chair. Rated to 450 lb (204 kg).

Forest 3900

The Forest 3900 is by far the most stylish dental chair on our list. It has Ultraleather® upholstery, full lumbar support and uses a hydraulic cantilever mechanism operated via a touchpad with 4 programmable pre-set positions. It can rotate 30° on both sides and is available with an additional touchpad and an additional foot control. It’s also available in 17 upholstery colours with 3 upholstery options. Rated to 445 lb / 203 kg.

TPC Mirage

The TPC Mirage is a hydraulic dental chair. It comes as standard with a synchronous backrest, seamless upholstery, an articulating dual axis headrest, a 2-position programmable foot control, 30° rotation on both sides and adjustable armrests. It lacks a sophisticated touch panel control, but the foot-operated panel is simple and effective. The all-metal construction is quality. Rated to 584 lb (256 kg).

Midmark Elevance®

The Midmark Elevance combines style, comfort and functionality. It has one of the best control panels on the market and an in-built heat and massaging system, allowing your patients to experience a higher level of comfort. You also have a choice of upholsteries, including plush Ultraleather®. The hydraulic system is smooth and quiet, and the chair offers 30° rotation on both sides. It’s rated to 450 lb (204 kg).

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