Green Energy Can Be Cheaper Than Traditional Energy!

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It might surprise you to learn that some of the best business energy deals on the market are from energy firms with a 100% green fuel mix.

Opus Energy, Bulb Energy and Octopus Energy are good examples of energy firms who offer 100% green electricity and gas with carbon offsetting.

Bigger energy suppliers, such as Scottish Power, are also starting to offer 100% green electricity to eco-savvy customers – and their green energy prices can also sometimes work out to be cheaper than their traditional energy prices.

This means you have the golden opportunity to save money and slash your carbon footprint in one fell swoop – a doubly good deal if you ask us!

What our data shows

Our data shows that green business energy prices can work out to be cheaper than traditional energy prices. The difference is never enormous; however, it means that you can safely switch to green energy without paying more.

Comparing prices for green and traditional energy in the last week of April 2020, we found that a business consuming 20,000 kWh per year would pay £2,540 per annum for green electricity, and £2,612 per annum for traditional electricity.

This is a saving of £72 per year.

The saving of £72 isn’t very much, however the purpose of our study was to find out whether it is possible to switch to green energy without paying more for energy. We found that this is perfectly possible with the right energy deal.

We also know first-hand that energy prices vary substantially between suppliers, which is something we find quite amusing since all energy is the same. Some differences are normal to account for wholesale and market conditions, but the differences can sometimes be into the hundreds of pounds per annum. That’s a big difference.

Switching green to save cash

It is quite a common misconception that green energy (energy that is produced from renewable sources) is always more expensive than so-called traditional energy (energy that is produced from nuclear and fossil fuels).

While the infrastructure that produces traditional energy is clearly more established than that of renewable energy – and can therefore produce larger amounts of energy in bulk (this drives down the cost) – the infrastructure behind green energy right now is enough to power our needs, and it is scaling at a manageable rate.

What we are saying is renewable energy is no more expensive to produce than traditional energy, and in many cases, it is actually more affordable. This means you shouldn’t have to pay more for green electricity or gas.

Since all energy is fundamentally the same (irrespective of where it comes from — it only gets pumped into the grid anyway), energy prices vary only between suppliers, who set their prices based on wholesale costs and market conditions.

If you get in at the right time, you can get green business energy that costs less than traditional energy. The trick is to start your switch with EnergyBillKill, so you get access to the best deals from the best small and large energy firms.

Businesses want to be green

If you want your business to be green, you’re not alone!

We conducted a national survey with 500 small and micro businesses earlier this year and found that 70% of businesses care about green energy and believe that within the next 10 years, businesses will not give business to ‘non-green’ suppliers. We also found that 42% of businesses believe this behaviour could happen in the next 5 years.

Our findings show that attitudes towards energy are changing and suppliers who don’t get with the times to offer green energy at competitive rates will be left behind.

With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 right now and the virus’s potential impact on how we live our lives for the foreseeable future, there has never been a better time to save cash. Switching to a green energy deal could help you do just that.

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