Most energy brokers and sales guys don’t tell you how much money they make. One website claims to get great deals for their users- they made £17 million in 2017 from commissions. Yet at the same time they claim that they get you the best deals in the market- perhaps for themselves!

EnergyBillKill will tell you exactly how much the energy company is paying us. You have the right to know! We charge a small administrative fee to help you switch and that is it. Our fees are really simple. You never have to pay up-front. The energy company pays our fee.  All the quotes on already include our fees. You can learn more about our fees here. We want to force every broker and comparison site in the market to tell you how much money they are making on you!

EnergyBillKill does not care which business energy company you want to pick. If you want green energy and pay a bit more – great! If you want the cheapest business electricity and gas price and don’t care about business energy provider’s brand name- fantastic! If you want a good deal but a brand name that you recognize- go for it! If you find better prices and deals- let us know. We will do manual checks for you to see if we can beat those prices. Send us a message here.