The Letter of Authority (LoA) is a letter that gives permission to an energy switching service like EnergyBillKill to help you switch business energy providers. LoA allows EnergyBillKIll to get you best prices in the market. You have to agree and sign all business energy contracts. LoA does not allow EnergyBillKill to sign any contracts on your behalf or commit you to any contractual obligation. LoA basically gives us permission to speak to suppliers on your behalf. This is standard practice across the industry. LoA signing is very easy in our EnergyBillKIll app – no need to print out any documents.


EnergyBillKill LoA explicitly states that while we can get you the best prices and help you switch business energy providers, we do not have the right to agree to a contract without your consent. You have all the power to switch or not to switch and which business energy deal to choose.