Business gas bills are a pain to understand. To make life simple, you can just focus on five things: price, tariff, supplier, day and night rates. If you find the above in information, you are all set to understand your gas bill.


The business gas bill summary should show:


  • The total of your last bill
  • How much was paid since the last bill
  • The charges the client incurred for the period of time including any discounts the client is applicable for.
  • The bill will also show any account adjustments.
  • The overall amount of debit or credit that their account is in. This will only be for information only for Direct Debit customer.
  • The date the business gas bill should be paid by.


The complete business gas bill should have the following information:


  • Business Energy suppliers contact details.
  • The date the supplier issued the gas bill
  • The gas billing period, (showing the dates the bill refers to).
  • The date and amount of the last payment you made
  • Your unique customer business reference number or account number. Normally this is shown at the top of the page.
  • The final amount of gas you’ve used in this period before VAT is added.
  • The standard amount of Business VAT of 20% (domestic VAT is less at 5%) should be shown separately.
  • The total price of your gas bill (how much you need to pay your supplier).
  • Other information that a supplier wishes to share with the customer will often appear on the front of the bill.
  • Most gas suppliers show their gas supply number in a box. This can be printed in a very small font. Please look carefully.
  • Your meter point reference number. You will need this to switch business gas suppliers.
  • A detailed breakdown of business gas used. The usage is provided, including the cubit feet (Cu FT) used, cost, and the latest meter readings.
  • The bill will state if the meter readings are estimated or actual.
  • The bill will also state the dates the readings were taken or estimated.
  • Customers who have specific business requirements such as large print or bills in braille will be provided with a special contact number.
  • A bill will typically include a payment slip for businesses who chose to pay their gas via direct debit, by bank or by post.