EnergyBillKill can even help larger businesses that have half-hourly meters. Our very first deal was for a medium-sized business that spends £150,000 per year on electricity. We competed against 3 professional brokers and saved our client nearly £3,000.00 per year on a 2-year deal. That is £6,000 that can be used to grow the business, pay staff bonuses, get new equipment!

For larger businesses the pricing is not instant because we need to get your exact energy consumption for the year. Business energy companies take their time to release this data. It may take up to a couple of weeks- but we are on top of it. For the client above we got prices within 24 hours. If you are a bigger, half-hourly client, please use our app to provide basic information and we will get you great deals! You can also send us a message.