Understanding EDF business energy bills

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Our mission is to help small businesses to get the best business energy prices in the market. We strongly encourage small business owners and managers to compare business energy prices and switch energy providers every time the fixed period billing expires. Many small business owners do not have enough time to switch business energy providers. Energy bills are complicated to read and are often very confusing. Energy companies do not make business energy switching very easy.

To help small business owners we are writing blogs about reading and understanding business energy bills. Each blog will focus on a different energy company. In this blog we focus on EDF Energy Business energy bills. We us EDF Energy’s own example provided on their website.

The main point of information is how much energy the business is using and whether the business has one or several energy meters. The example below is for a small business with a single meter.

The most important information for getting the lowest business energy prices is your business’s energy consumption for a given period (typically Kilowatt hours per month, per quarter or per year). The reason this information is important for business energy price comparison is because energy companies use this information to compete for your business energy supply.  If a small business is able to provide accurate information based on their current business energy bills, then utility companies can fine tune their business energy pricing to compete.

Billing period and your meter's address

To find your billing period and business meter address on the EDF Energy business energy bill, please look a No. 2 and No. 5 in the sample bill.

Typically the bill will consist of several pages (often double side printed). We focus below on the typical bill as presented by EDF Energy in the public domain for illustrative purposes. The cover page usually has summary information about your business and charges. Subsequent pages have information about your business energy consumption and rates.

When you are switching Energy providers your meter’s address, billing period and billing period usage are really important. Other energy companies want to know your business meter address (sometimes it is different from your registered business address). Energy companies also want to know how much energy you consume. – this can be per month, per quarter or per year. In this EDF Energy example, the period is for one quarter between November and February. We will show below how you calculate your monthly, and annual consumption using the above information.

Your EDDF Energy usage

To find energy consumed during the period please take a look at the No. 11 circled on the sample bill.

Please take a look at the kWh split column in the example below.

EDF Business energy bill shows two consumption numbers for two different periods. These numbers are 7,930 Kwh and 7,950 Kwh. As you may recall, this bill example is for one quarter between November and February.

That means that during one quarter the business consumed 7,930 + 7,950 = 15,880 Kwh in energy.

Estimating Monthly Energy Consumption

To get a monthly consumption you can approximate by dividing the above number by three. So we get, 15,880 / 3 = 5,293 Kwh consumed per month. This is an estimate of course, but is a good guide based on the actual consumption.

Estimating Yearly Energy Consumption

If you want to figure out your yearly consumption you can multiply 15,880 times 4 = 63,520 Kwh.

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