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How can my business carbon offset and become carbon neutral?

Your business can use to become carbon neutral using our simple, single click carbon offset tool. Our carbon offsetting tool empowers your business and your customers to fund renewable energy generation in Europe to offset your carbon footprint. The reason We are financing European projects is because our customers are based in the UK and we believe it is best practice to offset your carbon use in Europe. 

What is a carbon offset?

Carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for emissions made elsewhere. Carbon offsets are measured in tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e). In simple terms, offsetting is like crowdfunding for climate action. Funds go to CO2 reduction projects being built around the world.

Does carbon offset work?

Your business can carbon offset by buying carbon offset credits that fund renewable energy projects (such as wind and solar power, or carbon capture). The European Union has established a number of standards to evaluate the quality of a particular renewable project. If you are buying carbon offset credits, please make sure that the funds go to projects that have formally met European Union standards. 

EnergyBillKill’s has the UK’s first single-click carbon offset service. We partnered with Cloverly.

Cloverly ensures that your carbon offsetting credits support fantastic renewable projects from wind power to methane capture from livestock. Southern Energy, a New York Stock Exchange listed renewable energy company, owns Cloverly. Cloverly screens the projects to ensure regulatory compliance in Europe and the United States. You can read about Cloverly funded projects here.

Why should small businesses go carbon neutral?

Small businesses should become carbon neutral because it is good for the environment and a commercially wise decision. Environmental pollution, primarily through carbon use, contributes heavily to global warming, with potentially devastating effects on our environments in the near future. 

Until recently, businesses often chose renewable energy because it generated good public relations. Today, renewable energy is often cheaper than traditional energy. The choice to go green is now penny, pound and environmentally wise. There’s no financial barrier in your way to becoming carbon neutral. Our 2020 survey found that 70% of UK small businesses want to be green.

There’s also the benefit of clients who will only work with carbon neutral companies. It’s important to remember that being carbon neutral is just as much about who you do business with as it is yourself. Companies who are already carbon neutral may only want to work with other companies who are doing the same.

Another benefit to going carbon neutral is instilling a rich culture of environmental responsibility within your organisation. Operating in a way that protects the environment is an admirable trait, for climate change is as much a social justice issue as it is a planetary one (the poorest in society are affected by climate change first).

Carbon Offset with a Single Click

Please give our Carbon Offset Tool a go and get started on a carbon neutral journey.