EnergyBillKill strongly advocates lower business energy switching costs. In a recent Utility Week article we voiced our support for cold calling regulations and transparency in how business energy switching works.

“Michael Rossman, a co-founder of business energy switching and comparison service EnergyBillKill, says he does not believe the non-domestic energy switching market is working for customers, but that innovation and market forces could solve many challenges in the sector.“

We should have 90% plus of businesses switching regularly and painlessly. The problem is the way business energy is sold – mainly through cold calling brokers with hidden and often outrageous broker commissions. The switching process is often manual, the cold calling is annoying and the pricing is not transparent.

Energy Switching made easy

“What has been lacking in the market is excellent switching technology combined with user experiences, speed, transparency, and low/minimal broker costs. Why should it be more difficult to switch business energy than booking a flight?” says Rossman.

Many businesses have no idea they pay more for their energy because broker commissions are included in their gas and electricity charges and can make up to 20 per cent of the bill. Technology is often used as a lead generator, meaning some websites have what look like price comparison engines but in reality often divert customers to brokers after collecting the data, Rossman warns.

Robust regulation is always a good idea, he adds. “I would strongly urge that there is more public policy outreach to encourage businesses to switch energy and to bring transparency to the broker fees so that businesses always know how much they are paying for the switching service. I would also urge more regulation around cold calling.”

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