Moving premises can breathe new life into your business. It could mean extra space, better resources, happier staff and a location right in the heart of local business.

But if your Bristol business is moving into new premises, there’s a lot to think about. For example, notifying clients and suppliers, agreeing on lease terms, and maybe a new fit-out. And don’t forget your teabags. You’re going to need them on moving day.

One other factor you’ll need to bear in mind is utilities. You’ll need to deal with your current energy supplier, find out who’s the provider in the new place and decide if you want to switch your business’ energy supplier.

Before you move your business

At least a couple of days before you move, tell your current energy supplier the date of your move and provide your new address so you can get a final bill. Note that they might want proof that you’re actually going.

Take a final reading

To avoid paying more than you have to, take a final meter reading on your last day. Give this to your energy supplier and make a note yourself (or take a picture). Leave a note to let the new occupant know which energy supplier you’ve been using.

After the move

Take gas and electricity readings as soon as you move in. Get out that smartphone again – you’ll have a timed and dated picture.

Who’s your new supplier?

After your move, you’ll be on a ‘deemed contract’ with the existing energy supplier. Find out who supplies the gas by calling the meter number helpline on 0870 608 1524. Your local electricity distribution company can tell you who supplies the electricity.

Are you getting the best deal?

Finally, check with that you’re getting the best deal on your energy supplier. We make switching energy suppliers in Bristol easy and aim to deliver the lowest utility prices for every small business.

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