About Us

A few years ago, Michael Rossman (our co-founder) wondered why life is so complicated for small and medium sized businesses.  There is no Tesco, Lidl or Waitrose where a business can come & get everything sorted easily. Every business service is a form-filling pain in the behind, mind numbing & time destroying experience. 

Since launch, we brought on board a very experienced energy industry veteran with a stellar reputation, Martin Moir. Martin used to be Director of Sales for First Utility (now Shell Energy) and worked for NPower many moons ago. He knows the industry inside out and is our energy business champion. We have a fantastic customer support team and technology partners.

What problem are we solving?

We want to lower business energy costs for every single UK business and bring full price transparency to the business gas and electricity switching market.

Citizens Advice estimates that close to 1 million UK small businesses are in danger of being ripped off in the business energy markets. This is not acceptable. UK businesses deserve fair and transparent business energy switching services. 

We believe we are the first UK business gas and electricity switching service that openly publishes what and how we are getting paid. You can read about our fees here.