About us

Michael and Aidan’s Energy Discovery

We are Michael and Aidan, EnergyBillKill.com co-founders. We came across the world of business gas and electricity when we discovered that businesses got a raw deal when it came to business energy prices. The EnergyBillKill App is a business gas and electricity switching service that makes life much easier for businesses.

Business Energy is expensive

Business energy is expensive. However, businesses cannot operate without energy. Practically every business depends on some form of energy – be it lights, mobile phones, or office heating. Over 1 million UK small and medium-sized businesses have business gas and electricity meters. In total, there are over 2.5 small and mediums-sized (SME) business electricity and gas meters in the country.

Our business energy mission

Businesses pay much more than they have to for their business utilities. On top of it, the UK energy market is actually 14 different markets. It is all rather complex. We came from the finance world, and for us, this is all too complex and way too expensive.

So we set out on a mission to make life easier for businesses and energy. First, we made easy mobile and web apps to easily switch business energy providers. Believe it or not, EnergyBillKill is the first business gas and electricity switching app in the UK! Next, we are crowdsourcing prices – what can businesses get directly from energy websites? Why use comparison websites or worse, brokers, if you can get a better deal directly from energy websites.

Energy efficiency and a zero-carbon world

Our next chapter is about energy efficiency and zero-carbon economy. Our nifty EnergyBillKill app can already switch  you to renewable energy providers, but we want to enable small businesses to easily offset their carbon footprint (and their customers can join in as well). How about smart plugs, and figuring out how much energy that beautiful laundry machine or coffee roaster is using? How about a green energy efficient delivery truck?  Green does not have to be tree-hugging. Green and zero-carbon economy can actually be profitable and we want to make this a reality.

In short, we are just getting started, lowering the cost of energy one business at a time and hopefully making zero-carbon a commercial reality that is a no brainer.

“We are Lowering business energy costs, while dreaming the dream”