About us

What is EnergyBillKill.com?

EnergyBillKill.com makes business energy switching a breeze.  With a few clicks you can find out the best business gas & electricity rates & switch in minutes. No brokers, no hidden fees, just easy switching.  

Total transparency

EnergyBillKill.com is currently not charging any fees for switching businesses. We may introduce transparent subscription service or minimal charges for switching in the future. We will be transparent about it and you will know what these charges are. 

Low Cost & Friendly

We just want to be known as the lowest cost, friendliest & most transparent business energy switching service in the UK. We believe that businesses should not pay more for energy than they absolutely have to.

Keen to be Green

EnergyBillKill.com has just launched the UK’s first Carbon Offsetting tool. With a few clicks every UK business can quickly offset their energy consumption. We partnered with one of the largest US energy companies, Southern Energy and their Cloverly service to enable a simple and verifiable way to fund renewable energy projects in Europe.

Our Story

A few years ago, Michael Rossman (Co-Founder) & Aidan Brady (Co-Founder) met in a pub & wondered why life is so complicated for small and medium sized businesses.  There is no Tesco, Lidl or Waitrose where a business can come & get everything sorted easily. Every business service is a form-filling pain in the behind, mind numbing & time destroying experience. We come from the financial services industry & deeply understand that time is money. Aidan used to be a Chief Operating Officer of a major bank and Michael helped companies raise money & get funding.

We brought on board a very experienced energy industry veteran with a stellar reputation, Martin Moir. Martin used to be Director of Sales for First Utility (now Shell Energy) and worked for NPower many moons ago. He knows the industry inside out and is our energy business champion. Karin Blomkvist is our fantastic digital guru master. She knows everything there is to know about digital customer experience and making sure that you have the best experience possible. We have a fantastic customer support team and technology partners.

The Data

In 2020 we hired Censuswide, one of the most reputable UK survey companies. They conducted a national poll with 500 businesses from across the UK. We wanted to know what they think about business energy, environment, energy companies and energy brokers. The findings were fascinating. 

51% of UK small businesses find switching business gas and electricity suppliers harder than pulling teeth, firing people, running marathons etc… 35% believe energy companies overcharge businesses and 26% do not trust business energy brokers. 70% consider being green a commercial imperative, and believe that within ten years customers will take business away from companies that are not sustainable. You can check our blog on the survey by clicking here.