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Renewable & traditional energy

Don't know your kWh energy usage? Click here

*Our calculator uses current average business electricity & gas prices to estimate (£120.00 and £25.00 per 1,000 kWh for business electricity and gas, respectively). We strongly recommend that you find the actual usage on your energy bill. Click here for energy bill explainers.

EnergyBillKill: The easiest way to switch business energy

No hassle, just best deals

1mn+ UK small businesses are in danger of being ripped off in the energy sector
– (Citizens Advice, 2019)

Easy Helpers

Easy explainers about: meter types, expensive deemed rates & why credit scores matter. Click here.

Cash Saving Business Energy Tools 

Carbon Offsetting Service

Affordable & effective carbon offset as a service for businesses with a few clicks.

Change of Tenancy Tool

Quickly set up your change of tenancy letter for your energy supplier. 


Our reminder service will alert you when your deal expires, to avoid expensive deemed rates!

Understanding Business Energy

A Guide to Electricity Meters

Standard/Smart/E7/Half-Hourly meters can be confusing. Non-standard meters save more money.

Deemed Rates

Deemed rates are very expensive. 200%+ higher than you need to pay. Switch & Avoid!

Credit scores and Utilities

A better credit score means lower costs and access to a broader range of suppliers.

Energy Savings Guides

Energy efficiency is important. Managing your utilities doesn't have to cut such a big hole in your pocket.

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